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  1. Go to www.cooltoolsforschools.com .

  1. Go to the calendar print out… Sign up for your presentation date.

  2. Basically, you are going to become an expert in one of the TOOLS from this website and then you will introduce it to the rest of the class…

  3. Please be prepared to talk about:

    1. The web address of the “tool”.

    2. What you thought was interesting and helpful for a student.

    3. What kinds of things did you find that would be a problem for students.

    4. When might one use this “tool”?

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Cool Tools Review

Once a week, several students will sign up to be the Researcher of the Week. Your job as researcher is to find one school appropriate technology tool or website from cool tools for schools or another teacher approved location. Then, try this tool out to see if it's everything it's cracked up to be! Learn how it works, figure out the glitches, review its strengths and weaknesses and determine how a student might use this in the classroom. Once you've done that, add on to the chart below with your review. Follow the template I've set up for this activity. This is a document in process so if you see something that we need on the chart, let the Web Master know.

Sample: Mrs. Babich Class

Tool and URL
Purpose of Tool: How Would You Use It?
Mrs. B:11/8/11
It's an online dictionary and thesaurus. Type in a word and hit "go". It will instantly
give you a web with synonyms, definitions, and the part of speech for each word. Use it
when you are writing and need to improve your vocabulary or to make your writing more
free, nothing to
download, easy
to use
If you spell the word
wrong, it won't offer
Mrs. B: 11/8/11
It's an online dictionary and thesaurus. Type in a word and hit the arrow button. It will
instantly provide a moving web with synonyms, antonyms and definitions. It also gives
the attributes of a word and the parts of speech. Use it the same way you would use
snappywords. Roll the mouse wheel to make it larger or smaller.
free, nothing to
download, easy
to use, more
detailed than snappy
If you spell the word
wrong, it won't offer
Alex P.
This site is filled with historic maps. It is perfect for a social studies project! You will come up with hundreds of results with every word! Zoom in and out, and even see the atlas where you might find this map.
zoom in and out, find the atlas where it is located, lots of results, readable
a little difficult to read, will not take abreveations, asks for payments for printing or account, no current maps
Kathryn H.
You can use bubbl.us as a orginization tool like mind42 but you can have groups but the purpose of this tool is to help organize you work.
Its free,easy, and a great orginization tool.

Block 1 - Cool Tools For School Sign Up - Only one person may sign up for a "tool"; no duplicate presentations, please.

THANK YOU to our TOP contributers to this site... See a list of the top editors on this site to date...

1. Sign up for your TOOL and your PRESENTATION date below (only one person per "tool" - no duplicates)
2. Play around - explore - test - try it out several times
3. Identify the Purpose of your tool... How would people find this tool useful in the classroom?
4. Identify and be preapared to discuss your tools strengths... Why/How is it useful/helpful/awesome?
5. Identify and be prepared to discuss your tools weaknesses/challenges... How might this tool be a problem or what are its issues?
6. Prepare a Five slide PowerPoint for your presentation... Each slide should have MOSTLY pictures with VERY LITTLE words... The goal of the slideshow is to be a PROP for your presentation. It should add to your talk and NOT be your talk. The purpose is to HOLD your audiences attention.
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Tool and URL
Purpose of Tool: How Would You Use It?
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Explain what your tool's purpose is...
What are the strengths
of this tool?
What are the issues with this tool?